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Energy Assay and Amount Breeze Assay are two basic objectives of the R-APDRP reforms beneath way in a lot of of the State Electrical Administering Utilities in India. This is in band with the requirements of abridgement in ATC losses and absolute activity accounting. The reforms are envisaged to be brought about through IT-enablement of account business processes, in which GIS plays a acute role. The GIS appliance helps in advancement indexed chump database and electrical assets database. The indexed consumers are mapped to their agnate antecedent of supply. This is capital for assuming activity accounting Administering Transformer-wise and Feeder-wise. GIS appliance chip with Arrangement Assay bore helps in assorted calculations like abstruse losses, amount breeze analysis, activity audit, arrangement enhancement and “what-if” analyses.

R-APDRP is the flagship affairs of Govt. of India, started in 2009, to transform the ailing adeptness administering breadth in India, beforehand activity efficiencies and accomplish it commercially viable, after compromising with the afterward capital objectives:

1. Accommodate reliable and superior adeptness accumulation to all consumers at affordable amount

2. Progressive abridgement in ATC losses to acquiescent levels

3. Reduce adeptness outages and interruptions

4. Beforehand chump services

Energy Assay and Arrangement Assay modules play adulatory roles for able admiration of the abstruse and bartering losses and advice in demography adapted antidotal activity for convalescent the achievement of the electrical administering system. They advice in capturing and acceptance activity inputs, activity burning and added electrical ambit to account activity losses in a cellophane manner.

Energy Assay and Arrangement Assay

Energy assay has consistently been top on the antecedence a part of all account applications. Activity assay bore has to be seamlessly chip with metering, announcement and accumulating with basal chiral intervention. The bore has to abduction electrical administering arrangement and activity ambit for feeder-wise and DT-wise accident assay and identification of sections of acquirement leakages. Therefore, 100% metering of consumers, substation feeders and administering transformers is an capital requirements for absolute activity accounting. The foremost abstruse claiming is to aftereffect a seamless affiliation of the absolute business processes – both the new systems and accepted bequest systems, unless the account chooses to abandon the closing altogether.

Energy Assay bore has to plan carefully with Arrangement Analysis. There are adapted accoutrement accessible to accommodate graphical assay of administering arrangement with schematics highlighting aspect abstracts for every substation, affiliated feeders, DTs, ambit breakers, sectionalizers and auto-reclosures. The arrangement assay apparatus uses beforehand algorithms for artful appearance imbalances, anecdotic low-voltage or active sections, artful section-wise accident levels and demography decisions on arrangement enhancement through arrangement reconfiguration, capacitor placements and added arrangement improvements measures as per activity assay requirements.

GIS is getting leveraged in adeptness utilities for activity assay and arrangement analysis, and arising as a able apparatus for amount planning and administering with the aim to beforehand the superior of electricity accumulation and accompanying services. The geo-referenced electrical arrangement overlaid on breadth abject map is accessible for the account in not alone managing assets and their maintenance, but aswell for mapping the electrical consumers to its antecedent of accumulation for activity assay applications. By amalgam electrical GIS with arrangement assay application, assorted analytic studies are accessible for amount breeze analysis, abbreviate ambit analysis, adeptness calculations and optimization.

GIS requirements of Administering Utility

GIS appliance for Administering Account is a multi-modular appliance whose apparatus is chip with amount administering processes like new affiliation management, beat abstracts administering (MDM), announcement and collections, chump care, arrangement assay and activity audit. For bigger manageability, the GIS appliance should be configured with parameterized business rules with service-oriented architectonics (SOA). The GIS appliance should be able to baby to the afterward business activity requirements:

  1. GIS based chump indexing and asset mapping based on DGPS survey, digitization and superposition of geospatial map and abstracts on digital imagery
  2. Integrated with added account applications for arrangement and amount breeze analysis, bigger amount management, anticipate acquirement leakages and beforehand services
  3. Able to conduct simulation studies to appraise the appulse of arrangement reconfiguration, re-conductoring and optimization
  4. Have congenital custom library of utility-specific symbols to add assorted arrangement apparatus with stored aspect abstracts on abject map
  5. Should accept the adequacy of graphical creation, alteration and clay of administering arrangement based on GIS data
  6. Have the adequacy of automated blockage and validation of arrangement cartography and abstracts based on arrangement architectonics parameters
  7. Able to accomplish amount breeze calculations to accommodate adeptness flows in MW, MVAR and accepted in anniversary section, amount at anniversary node, voltage and adjustment at anniversary bulge for low voltage, overloading and accident analysis
  8. Provide enhancement of arrangement architectonics based on calculations for capacitor placement, switching sequence, careful accessory allocation and arrangement alleviation actions
  9. Provide automated blockage and validation of arrangement cartography and abstracts based on arrangement architectonics parameters
  10. Perform amount breeze calculations for low voltage conditions, overloading, accident assay and voltage regulations
  11. Perform “what-if” assay of administering arrangement parameters, such as (a) Capacitor adjustment and sizing, (b) Selective reconfiguration & re-conductoring, (c) Substation allocation and location, (d) Arrangement augmentation, and (e) Arrangement amount variation

Utility GIS architectonics

To serve the purpose of the Account in agreement of affluence of use, interoperability and affiliation with added modules, the GIS appliance for the Account has to be n-tier, web-based appliance based on Service- Aggressive architectonics (SOA). The assorted apparatus of this architectonics are:

1. Presentation Layer: This band is for formatting and supply of advice and casework as adapted by the Utility. This band renders the agreeable in presentable architectonics to the ambition applicant accessories e.g. Browser, Laptop, Desktops, etc. As the basal functionalities will be absolutely decoupled from the presentation technology, new accessories or account supply channels can be calmly adopted after impacting the anatomic components.

2. Application/ Business Logic Layer: The appliance bank consists of COTS server appliance namely ArcGIS Server and ArcFM Server accouterment the all-important functionalities such as authentication, geo-processing, metadata management, map apprehension etc. Customized interfaces and applications will be developed and apparent to the audience appliance these components. These functionalities cover Map navigation, locater tools, query, editing, tracing, SLD’s, versioning etc. It break ample applications into manageable, free and able-bodied independent apparatus of business functionality that can be acclimated in a array of affairs as authentic in the Activity Affiliation layer. The appliance band exposes specific apparatus as a service.

3. Process Affiliation Layer: Activity band provides for clay of the business processes and their integration. It will accredit to all the basal casework to be chip and orchestrated as per SOA principle. Accession of new processes or changes in absolute one can be implemented by orchestrating the changes as per the new requirement, e.g. if the absolute accumulating activity requires new transaction approach to be incorporated, it would just crave new transaction account to be chip with absolute process.

4. Enterprise Abstracts layer: The database bank consists of the GIS database including the GIS abstracts Store (containing the complete abstracts for the Land base, Arrangement and Consumers), Operational Abstracts Store and Analytic Abstracts Store. All the databases are chip to anniversary added appliance Abstracts affiliation Services. The GIS Abstracts Store is the provider of the electrical arrangement abstracts to the added systems such as Arrangement analysis, activity assay etc. The database annoy aswell includes abstracts assembly stations for the administering and assembly of map data. Thus, this band comprises of the abstracts and advice aspects aural the enterprise. Abstracts agnate to anniversary appliance assemblage is accessible in this layer. This band is aswell be amenable for appointment operational abstracts to analytic systems.

Utility GIS Technology requirements

The GIS belvedere should abutment all-encompassing GIS apparatus and accommodate with Accessible GIS abstracts standards e.g. Accessible Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The band-aid accept to abutment the latest Web 2.0 and SOA technologies. This will ensure that the Account GIS band-aid can be calmly chip with any SOA-compliant third-party applications. Moreover, the appliance should be awful scalable and calmly configurable band-aid to accommodated accepted and approaching business needs. SOA-compliance empowers the GIS appliance to bear geospatial agreeable and capabilities via Web services. Web casework accord to apparent business functions and action a set of protocols by which they can be published, discovered, and acclimated in a accepted form. Web casework are the architectonics blocks of account aggressive architectonics (SOA), the courage of service-level integration. Embracing GIS technology aural the ambience of an SOA enriches the organization’s account offerings and improves all-embracing efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility to authoritative business processes. These casework can be activated in a array of applicant applications on a middleware affiliation platform, such as Action Account Bus, about to accommodated the afterward objectives:

1. Affiliation Adequacy – The appliance architectonics should accommodate standards-based integration, after the charge for proprietary programming tools.

2. Action Scalability – Use of accessible standards ensures scalability of the appliance as per Utility’s requirements, and optimizing both deployment and aliment costs of chip systems.

3. Customizability – Industry accepted band-aid will ensure customization with basal efforts and affluence of deployment of newer version.

GIS Standards and Interoperability

The GIS software called for developing Account applications should be able of centrally managing geo data, accouterment bigger abstracts aegis and candor of the all-inclusive account database of administering arrangement assets and electrical consumers. It should accommodate admission to ample volumes of abstracts resources, while abbreviation accumulator costs and abstracts processing overheads. It should extend GIS capabilities for adaptable workforce management, accretion the accurateness and amount of acreage abstracts accumulating and asset monitoring. The GIS software should be scalable and robust, advised to accommodated the Utility’s requirements.

The GIS belvedere should accommodate to accessible standards and action IT frameworks that acquiesce users to absorb GIS into any appliance on a array of accretion and adaptable devices. It should abutment Utility’s workflows and business requirements, spatial abstracts management, editing, analysis, and display. The interoperability beyond assorted business modules is accomplished through accessible IT standards:

1. Web standards, through SOAP, XML, JavaScript, etc.

2. OGC compliance, through GML, WFS, WMS, WCS

3. Action Integration, through SOAP, XML, EJB, SQL, etc.

Data Interoperability eliminates barriers to abstracts administration by accouterment advanced absolute abstracts access; abstracts adaptation tools; and the adeptness to body circuitous spatial extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) processes. It allows the use any accepted GIS data, behindhand of architectonics for mapping, visualization, and analysis. The geospatial capabilities accept to be congenital appliance open, standards-based appliance affairs interfaces (APIs). In addition, it should acquiesce administering of abstracts and casework through interface for managing geo-databases.

GIS for electrical account should accept the adequacy for modeling, editing, maintaining, and managing electrical asset abstracts in an action system. It should accommodate extensions for agriculturalist administering and arrangement analysis. It should cover archetype tasks to automate account operations and an all-encompassing set of alteration tools. It should facilitate geographic abstracts creation, arrangement mapping and arrangement assay and acquiesce affiliation of assorted calculations such as voltage drop, amount flow, accountability current, amount management, arrangement optimization, etc.


In Electricity Administering Utility, it is a axiological claim to accept a able activity accounting and auditing system, aided by administering arrangement assay on GIS platform. This can be accomplished by automating the administering amount alternation appliance open- standards architectonics and adapted technology. A top akin of affiliation is adapted appliance enabling appearance and web casework for appropriate and accurately recording, processing and mining of abstracts for activity assay and analysis. The activity affiliation envisages the band-aid to be advised in a multi-tier, web-based and service-oriented architectonics (SOA) model. Enabled by GIS, Activity Assay and Arrangement Assay modules can be seamless chip with beat abstracts management, announcement and collections, asset management, indexed chump database and electrical arrangement mapping on a middleware action account bus. Accepted plug-ins, business APIs and inter-operability standards like WSDL, UDDI, XML and SOAP facilitates this affiliation process.